How we made

Products made by Nlab for VERAPELLESTORE.COM are tailored in Solofra (Avellino), by skilled artisans, only through handmade techniques and processes. We are proud to use only “made-in-Italy” accessories and fabrics. We buy our zips from “ZIP Italy” while our linings and fabrics are all from “Radoni”.

Our leathers are environmentally friendly and comply to the norms of ecologic sustainability. We always try to select only leathers which have been processed through vegetable tanning. The leathers obtained through vegetable-tanning accompany us through our everyday experiences and their properties make it possible for them to slowly change into something unique and one of a kind.

Vegetable-tanning gives leather unmistakable properties, because it is known to be the most natural, the most environmentally friendly and the most suitable process, if your goal is to obtain items which are, at the same time, fashionable and traditional, versatile and unique.

This kind of leathers changes its colour according to the use you make of it and the temperature you expose it to: this property enables each item to get the vintage look we want for our items. On the contrary we use napa leathers whenever we want to create sporty accessories and clothes, more classic ones or when we want softness to be the most important feature of an item.