The idea is to be able to bridge the gap between the quality and craftsmanship of the final customer. With VERAPELLESTORE.COM want to be able to offer through the web and around the world the largest range in terms of originality and quality of products and leather products made in Italy.

“born from an idea of Domenico Cosimato, laboratory research and innovation in the field of leather fashion.”


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100% money back guarantee.

If you have any problem with our product do not worry, you have 30 days money back guarantee !

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Purchasing a Vera pelle products from us we really care about you. You can contact us by webchat, mail or telephone.

We also want to be able to pass on our knowledge, we want the client understands the diversity of items and I appreciate the genuineness of the work, we try to pass on history, passion and love for one world. Choose an article made of skin means having a product which is the expression of a philosophy, a way of life that is unique and unrepeatable. No skin is the same as another and use gives each head traces of our everyday life. It is precisely the changes that occur over time and with use to witness the natural product.

The company is located in Solofra (AV), known Italian tanning center in the first place with regard to skins for clothing. In the town of skin where the processes as well as the values are passed down from father to son for over five hundred years. The the team VERAPELLESTORE.COM is present on all social networking sites, follow our corporate blog, and keep up to date on our activities: blog.VERAPELLESTORE.COM.

VERAPELLESTORE.COM philosophy is to offer the customer the right balance between quality and price. The company VERAPELLESTORE.COM is engaged in the sale and exposure of 2 production lines of 'clothing and leather accessories.The whole process of production of the company grows so over this territory in the purest tradition of craftsmanship that commercial experience of this land has to offer. The basis of our work there is a wide knowledge of the market, an efficient customer service and fast shipping service worldwide. The leaders on the portal are made from materials produced entirely in Italy and also are packed by skilled craftsmen exclusively Italian.

The target to which the company is targeting has a young and dynamic style, it follows the constant evolution of fashion, considering the way they dress integral part of their personality. The team verapellestore continually invests in research quality hides to manufacture leather jackets and accessories that fit the style of our customers, is the constant development of materials, products and raw materials on its strength and has the goal of continuous improvement the services offered.

Our head office is located in Solofra (AV) irpina town devoted decades to tanning and processing of raw hides and leather goods. The activities of e-commerce allows us to combine quality of the goods and prices. The choice of e-commerce in fact reduces management costs that would arise having to support a network of physical stores, costs which inevitably would weigh on the final price of the product and directly to customers. Our type of business, however, overcomes these obstacles and gain the same end customer who can take advantage of a network of products designed and manufactured to a medium-high level at an affordable price to all.

Domenico Cosimato