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280,60 €
100% Real leather, Washed.
100% Twill lining
100% Made in italy


Real lambskin leather jacket for men. A never-ending classic, this kind of jacket has been in fashion for more than 50 years: Runner is the 21st century version of the so-called "perfecto" leather jacket. It features two separated zips on the front and can be worn either fastened to the chest (with the collar down) or completely fastened to the collar. Small buckles on the cuffs and on the sides at waist level, zip at the left bicept level and opened breast pocket on the left. The back of the jacket boasts a quilted effect on the bottom. A vintage, vaguely retrò style jacket, that has never left the haute-couture catwalks, revitalized with style and class by Verapelle.

Zusätzliche Information

Farbe Schwarz
Messen 48 IT
Designer VPC
Product Code 000U17-Nero-48


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